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Banasura sagar dam wayanad-tourist guide photos wallpapers

banasura sagar hills dam beautiful photos
banasura sagar hills dam beautiful photos

Banasura sagar dam – wayanad

Banasura sagar dam is the most beautiful dam in kerala as well as in south india which looks absolutely beautiful with the background hills and small islands in the dam. This dam is one of the most visited tourist spots in wayanad which lies in between western ghats and the dam looks really really calm and beautiful itself.

wayanad is the gift of God to kearala which makes kerala ‘God’s own country’ with its spectacular looks. You will reach to wayanad through wayanadan churam or thamarassery churam which actually lies in kozhikkode district and it is the highway which connects wayanad to kozhikkode. The view up the top of the churam looks really wonderful, you will get a good first impression about wayanad’s nature beauty and the freshness of pure cold wind from here.
There are a lot of tourist spots which you can visit ; Chembra peak , Soochippara waterfalls , kuruvadweep, meenmutty waterfalls, Edakkal caves. These places and meppadi tea estates makes wayanad a beautiful place to see the art of nature. If you love trucking ‘chembra peak’ is one of the best place for you in wayanad , there are 2 waterfalls and a beautiful island there and Banasura sagar dam is the one and only dam in wayanad.

Banasura is the name of son of ‘mahabali’ a great ruler of kerala and there is a history about banasura hills and dam and banasura hills are the third biggest hills in the western ghats. The view of the hills from the dam is absolutely stunning. Banasura sagar is the biggest earth dam of India it is also the second largest earth dam in Asia which impounds water from karamanthodu which is a tribute from the Kabani river.
There are many small islands lies inside the dam makes it unique. Kerala tourism department included boats for who loves boating in the dam and it is a nice experience travelling between the islands.
There is no any tickets to visit the dam and you may need to pay for parking if you prefer any safe parking area.
You need to walk 15-20 minutes to reach to the dam or mini bus also available here.
a beautiful children park welcome you to the dam and the pathway leads to the main view point of the dam where you can enjoy the beauty and spectacular view of the dam and boat tickets also available there.

Banasura is 21 km away from kalpetta, private bus service , taxi service also available here. we recommend you this place for boating and an excellent view of the dam in between hills and small islands inside dam.

Nearby attractions

Fix your next visiting place after checking out these details;

  • Meenmutty waterfalls – 3km
  • Pookode lake – 26 km
  • Edakkal caves – 36.7 km
  • Chembra peak – 39.4
  • Kuruva dweep – 40.5km
  • Soochipara waterfalls – 45.4 km

Pictures – wallpapers of Banasura sagar dam :


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