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Chembra peak wayanad – tourist guide photos

Chembra peak - chembra hills wayanad
Chembra peak - chembra hills wayanad

Chembra Peak

Chembra peak is one of the main attractions of wayanad, It is one of the highest peak in wayanad which is about 2050m from sea level, we can see many large peak’s in Wayanad and Chembra is one of the biggest among them.
We can see this peak from almost all places in wayanad.
If you are a person who loves trekking then this place is for you, The heart shapped lake is the main attraction of this peak , which also known as Hridayathadakam in malayalam (local language)

There are a lot of hills in kerala and Anamudi is the highest hills among them. Anamudi is about 2695 meters from the sea level which situated in Idukki.
Meesappulimala is the another highest peak in kerala which also situated in Idukki district and it is about 2640 meter from the sea level. These are some of the famous peaks and these are looks really beautiful.

This is the list of famous peak’s in kerala;

  • Anamudi
  • Meesappulimala
  • Pambadum shola
  • Angindamudi
  • Vellarimala
  • Banasura hill
  • ambukuthi mala
  • Chembra mudi
  • Poomala
  • Ponmudi
  • Sabarimala
  • Sivagiri
  • Agasthyamala
  • paithal mala
  • chembra peak

Main attractions

  • Trekking
    Trucking is one of the best attractions of chembra peak and it would take about a day to finish the climbing and you need permission from Meppadi forest office to arrange trucking and it costs about 500 rupees for a group of 10 peoples and 1000 rupees for international tourist group.Trucking to the top of the peak is really a great experience , you can see almost all part of Wayanad , malappuram and kozhikkode.It will take about 3 and half hours to reach the top of the hill.
    It is really a great experience if you not prefer to go rainy seasons.
    You can see clouds near you at the top of hill, overnight climbing is prohibited and forest guards will warn you because of the attack of wild animals.


  • Hridayathadakam – Heart shaped lake
    Heart shaped lake is the another attraction of this Chembra peak. You can see a lake on the peak when you reach on a point on the peak
    It looks really beautiful and it is a different feel seeing water on its top with the symbol of Love, It is so nice to see the lake on the top of the peak. This place proves that nature can be more beautiful with the intelligence of human beings.


Way to reach

chembra peak is located in Meppadi panchayath, so you need to come to Meppadi and it is about 14 km from meppadi to the bottom side of the hill, It would take about 35 minutes to reach here if you are travelling in a car and also bus routes are available to meppadi from kalpetta.

Nearby attractions;

  • Meppadi : meppadi looks so beautiful with acres of tea estates.
  • Soochippara waterfalls : Soochippara waterfalls is near to this place, you need to drive about 8.4km from chembra to reach here and it would take 22 minutes.
  • Pookode lake : 30km
  • Edakkal caves : 40km
  • banasurasagar dam – 49km
  • Kuruva island (kuruvadweep) : 58.3km

We highly recommend this place if you are a big lover of trucking and fan of nature.


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