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Edakkal caves wayanad – Tourist guide photos wallpapers

edakkal caves photos
edakkal caves photos

Edakkal caves – wayanad

Wayanad is one of the best and famous tourist spots in south india and it is the best part of ‘Gods own country’ with beautiful nature , hills , waterfalls , tea estates , forest. Banasurasagar dam is one of the beautiful dam you can ever seen in kerala, Kuruvadweep , Soochippara waterfalls , Pookode lake, Chembra peak, Meppadi tea estates makes wayanad is the best place to explore,
Edakkal caves are one of the famous tourist destination among these.
Edakkal caves are situated in wayanad district at remote village area called ‘edakkal’. It is about 1,200m above of sea level which lies on ambukuthi mala. trucking to the cave is really adventurous and fun. You need to travel about 25 km to reach this place from kalppetta.
If you are a big trucking and adventure lover then you should visit this place if you planning to come to wayanad.

You can take ticket’s from the counter after walking 15 minutes from the bottom of the hills and the trucking starts from their, It is little hard to reach to the top of ambukuthi mala and edakkal caves start from their and it is about 96 feets in length. There are steps arranged to climb to the caves easily and it will take 10-15 minutes to reach there.
Edakkal cave is not a cave actually, it is a big rock split and landed on the top on the main body and it is about 26 ft. in width and 96 ft. in length.

There are many drawings inside the cave and the older one was drawn 8000 years ago, It is the rare and rare piece of work by humans and the recent discoveries says that it has some connections to Indus valley civilization and the discoveries says that the drawings are done in the period of BC 5000 to BC 1000 and it is the only place of stone age carving in south india. The caves are discovered by a police official on 1985 and now the place is maintained by kerala tourism department. Plastic is strictly prohibited in this area and do not use cellphone inside the caves.

There is a view point near the entrance to the caves and you can see a better part of wayanad from there, It is one of the beautiful scenery of ambukuthi mala, still we are not on the top of the hill but the department decided to close the path to the top of the because of some continues incidents.
thousands of international and national tourists visit this place every day.

Main attractions

  • The cave itself and the view inside the edakkal rocks is the first and the best attractions of this place, Remember those drawings you see o the rock is about ‘8000’ years old and it makes you wonder.
  • View of beautiful wayanad from the outer side of the cave is the another beautiful atraction, you can see half of wayanad from the viewpoint.
  • Another attraction is the view point on the top of ambukuthimala.

Nearby attractions in wayanad

  • Chembra peak – 34.2km
  • Soochippara waterfalls – 39.4 km
  • Pookode lake – 39.4km
  • Kuruvadweep – 43km
  • Banasurasagar dam – 48.2km

Edakkal caves photos – wallpapers


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