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Famous tourist spots in kollam

famous tourist spots in kollam district

Famous tourist spots in kollam district

Kerala is one of the famous tourist spots in south india, thousands of peoples visits different places of beautiful kerala daily and Kerala’s tourism department stands with the slogan “Gods own country” and it is really true, we have the best climate in different districts, we have hill stations, beautiful beaches , evergreen forests, beautiful waterfalls , backwaters, beautiful islands , palaces.
Kollam is one of the important tourist spots in kerala, here we have some beautiful beaches, ecotourism society, waterfalls , beautiful backwaters, islands etc.
Here are the best tourist spots in kollam district;

  • Thenmala ecotourism society

Thenmala ecotourism society is one of the main attractions in kollam district, It is the first planned ecotourism society in India.
thenmala is a best place for one day picnic , study tours etc.
Thenmala ecotourism society is divided in to three zones ; Leisure zone , Adventure zone and culture zone each of them are different entertainment areas.
you can enjoy a day here and it is the best picnic spot for a day in kollam. Musical fountain , boating , trekking , tree huts are some of the main attractions here


  • Munroe island

Munroe island is the one island located in kollam district, it is one of the best backwater village of kerala, Ashatamudi lake and kallada river makes this island so beautiful. Boating through small boats in the island is really fun, house boats are also available at  this place.


  • Palaruvi waterfalls

Palaruvi waterfalls is the one and only waterfalls located in kollam district , 15 km travel from thenmala will take you here to this waterfalls.
Palaruvi is one of the top rated waterfalls among the famous waterfalls of kerala. you can spend some hours here with friends or family without any worries and it is a heaven of visitors on seasons.


  • Azheekal beach

Azheekal beach is the one of the best beaches of Kerala which looks absolutely gorgeous on the banks of Ashtamudi lake, the lakes joins to the arabian sea here and hundreds of peoples visits here in evenings.
It is the best place to spend your evenings watching the beautiful sunsent.


  • Kollam beach – adventure park

Kollam beach and adventure park is another place to spend your evenings and to kill your time watching the beautiful sunset or sitting in the seats and enjoying the peaceful wind coming from ashtamudi lake.
A children park also there at the kollam beach, it is the best place to play with kids.


  • Jatayu earth’s center – Jadayupara

Jatayu earth’s centre or jdayupara is another famous place to visit in kollam district. It is a park located at chadayamangalam kollam, It is a sculpture of a bird Jatayu and it is word’s biggest bird’s sculpture.
this park is under construction and expected to open in the first months of 2017.


  • Sasthamkotta lake

Sasthamkotta lake is another attraction of kollam district which is famous for the biggest fresh water lake in kerala. The lake looks really beautiful and it is a good place to kill your time by enjoying the beauty of the lake.


These are the best tourist spots in kollam district. You can choose thenmala ecotourism or munroe island for a one day trip , azheekal or kollam beach or sathamkkota late to spend evenings.


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