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Famous waterfalls in kerala

famous waterfalls in kerala

Complete list of famous waterfalls in Kerala

Kerala is one of the best tourist spots of India with beautiful islands , backwaters , beaches , hills, meadows , forest , eco-tourism society , lakes , and beautiful waterfalls.
About 70-80 known waterfalls are there in kerala, waterfalls like Athirappally , thommankuth , palaruvi , meenmutty are some of the famous and beautiful waterfalls in south india.
Here is the list of top tourist spots and famous waterfalls in Kerala;

  • Athirappally

Athirappally is the most famous and the most beautiful waterfall in kerala which is really famous all over the world with it’s mind blowing beauty. Athirappally is very popular waterfalls of kerala and peoples calls it “Niagra of India” and this nickname is very true and you will realize it once you visit here. water is falling from 80ft above at this spot.
Athirappally waterfalls situated in thrissur district at the border of athirappally panchayath and chalakkudi river is the watercourse for this falls which is originated from anamudi.
Athirappally falls is the top 1 waterfalls among the list.

  • Thommankuthu waterfalls

Thommankuthu is one another beautiful waterfalls in kerala which situated in thodupuzha – idukki district which found in 1920 inside the jungle.

  • Palaruvi waterfalls

Palaruvi is another famous waterfalls in kerala which situated near Thenmala ecotourism society in kollam district, palaruvi waterfalls is really scenic and hundreds of peoples visits here in season.

  • Keezharkuthu waterfalls

Keezharkuthu waterfalls also known as ‘rainbow waterfalls’ which is situated in idukki district which is 1500m above sea level and the water flowing down from the height of about 200ft makes this waterfalls really beautiful.
You can spend entire day here, trekking also available.

  • Meenmutty waterfalls – wayanad

Meenmutty falls is another beautiful waterfalls of kerala which situated in beautiful wayanad district, Water is flowing down from 300m height as three tiered which makes this looks absolutely gorgeous place to visit.
Wayanad district is so gorgeous with its naturabl beauty and climate, there are many famous tourist spots situated here such as banasurasagar dam , kuruva dweep , edakkal caves , chembra peak , pookode lake etc.

  • Soochipara waterfalls
Soochippara waterfalls wayanad
Soochippara waterfalls wayanad photos

Soochippara waterfalls is another beautiful waterfalls in kerala, It is also located inside dense forest at wayanad district. Chaliyar river is the watercourse for this falls. Soochippara and meemutty are the two famous waterfalls in wayanad district.

  • Cheeyappara waterfalls

Cheeyappara waterfalls is another beautiful waterfalls which is located in idukki district inside dense forest, this falls looks really beautiful and the water is flowing down as 7 steps in cascade , which looks really beautiful

  • Thoovanam waterfalls

Thoovanam waterfalls is one of the most visited tourist spots in munnar , idukki. The waterfalls are located inside dense forest , a 3 hour trekking will take you to this place and the waterfalls looks absolutely beautiful. pambar river is the watercourse for this waterfalls.

  • Lakkam waterfalls

Lakkam waterfalls are the another beautiful waterfalls surrounded by vaga trees which located in beautiful Munnar , idukki. water is flowing in different cascade but we can’t explore most of the places. Waterfalls looks really beautiful and it is one of the famous tourist spots in munnar.

  • Vazhachal waterfalls

Like athirappally waterfalls, chalakudi river is the watercourse for this waterfalls and its also located near vazhchal forest division in athirappally panchayath – thrissur.
Vazhachal waterfalls is one another beautiful waterfalls of kerala.

  • Perunthenaruvi waterfalls

Perunthenaruvi waterfalls are another beautiful waterfalls in pathanamthitta district , This place is one of the best picnic spots in pathanamthitta district and it is a natural waterfalls.

  • Chethalayam waterfalls

Chethalayam waterfalls are seasonal waterfalls of kerala which dries during some seasons, and it is not so famous but it can give some beautiful visuals in rainy seasons.
this falls located in wayanad district , near sulthan bethery. Soochippara , meenmutty are the famous waterfalls in wayanad district.

  • Dhoni waterfalls

Dhoni waterfalls is another beautiful and famous falls in palakkad district, which is one of the best local tourist spots and falls are situated on the top of dhoni hills.

Here is the complete list of all know waterfalls in kerala

  • Trivandrum district
  • kalakkayam waterfalls
  • meenmutty waterfalls
  • kombaikani waterfalls
  • vazhavanthol waterfalls
  • kurisadi waterfalls
  • braemore estate waterfalls
  • bona waterfalls


  • kollam district
  • palaruvi waterfalls
  • oliyarik waterfalls
  • manalar waterfalls
  • kumbhavurutti waterfalls


  • pathanamthitta district
  • perunthenaruvi waterfalls
  • aruvikuzhy waterfalls
  • madatharuvi waterfalls


  • kottayam district
  • maramala waterfalls
  • pampanal waterfalls
  • aruvikuzhi waterfalls
  • vengathanam waterfalls
  • kesari waterfalls
  • aruvikkachal waterfalls
  • kattikayam waterfalls
  • ulakappara waterfalls


  • Idukki district
    • keezharkuthu waterfalls
    • thommankuthu waterfalls
    • atukal waterfalls
    • cheeyapara waterfalls
    • valara waterfalls
    • ripple waterfalls
    • thoovanam waterfalls
    • lakkam waterfalls
    • thooval waterfalls
    • chelarkovil waterfalls
    • nayamakad waterfalls
    • chnnakanal -powerhouse waterfalls
    • valanjanganam waterfalls
    • kavukulam waterfalls
    • elappally waterfalls
    • kuthumkal waterfalls
    • aanayadikoothu waterfalls


  • Ernakulam district
    • mulamkuzhi waterfalls
    • panieli poru waterfalls


  • Thrissur district
    • vazhachal waterfalls
    • charpa waterfalls
    • ilanjippara waterfalls
    • athirappally waterfalls
    • pattathippara waterfalls


  • Palakkad district
    • meenvallam waterfalls
    • dhoni waterfalls
    • seetharkund waterfalls
    • siruvani waterfalls


  • Malappuram district
    • adyanpara waterfalls
    • keralaamkundu waterfalls
    • pullipadam oly waterfalls
    • paloor waterfalls
    • kozhippara waterfalls
    • pathar waterfalls


  • Calicut district
    • thusharagiri waterfalls
    • kozhipara waterfalls
    • olichuchatam waterfalls
    • aripara waterfalls
    • urakuzhi waterfalls


  • Wayanad district
    • soochipara waterfalls
    • meenmutty waterfalls
    • kanthappara waterfalls
    • chetalayam waterfalls


  • Kannur district
    • palchuram waterfalls
    • meenmutty waterfalls
    • kudiyanmala waterfalls
    • alakapuri waterfalls


  • Kasargod district
    • palakkolli waterfalls
    • theanvarikkallu waterfalls


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