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Idukki dam attractions tourist guide photos

idukki dam map photos
idukki dam map photos

Idukki dam attractions – tourist guide

Idukki dam is one of the must see places at least once in a life time and this arch dam is commisioned in 1975,the biggest hydroelectric project in Kearala with a capacity of 780MW.
This dam is parabolic structured (168.91 m tall), constructed across the Periyar river between two hills,Kuruvan and Kurathi and is one of the biggest arch dam in the Asia.

Idukki dam along with two other dams at Cheruthoni and Kulamavu and the common reservoir gives a beautiful view from different points.This project is constructed and managed by the Kerala State Electricity Board with the help of Canada,the common reservoir of three dams like an artificial lake with an area of 60 sq.km with a capacity of around 2 billion tons(2000 m.cum.)
The amazing structure,the hills,caves and surrounding nature are really a special experience.

In earlier, due to security reasons the entry to the dam was not permitted to public. Then late, on festive occasions like Onam and Christmas and other special time like Idukki fest, permission is granted to public for few days to visit the dam and boating facility is available in the reservoir.
Now as per the special order by the Government entry is possible at Idukki and Cheruthoni dams on every saturday,sunday and other public holidays. Due to the security reasons the camera,mobile phone and the other electronic devices are not permitted inside the dam,it is better to keep this on your vehicle, a strict checking is done at the entry point.
It is very cool area and sometimes very rainy so don’t forget jacket or over coat, it perfect destiny for one day trip.There is an electric car operates here,which takes you to the dam and back to the entry point with a charge of 40 rupees per person, but sometimes you have to wait for the car for a lot of time,if you interested it is better to prefer walk over the dam,about 30 minutes from the entrance to dam adn can view the beautiful greenery.
It is better to visit in morning,you can see here the massive structure but not the electric production unit,the production is done at Moolamattom here also entry strictly is restricted,the unit contain 6 pelton type turbine with each has a generating capacity of 130 MW and totally of 780 MW,the project gives a sudden increase in the state electricity production.

Shri Kolumban, head ‘Oorali’ tribe introduced the Kuruvan mala and Kurathi mala(Mala means Hill in Malayalam) to W.H.John, who was the superintendent of Malankara estate.With his idea about the dam,he submitted a report to Government of Travancore and published an article in 1935 about the possibility and prospectus of the project.
A primary investigation report is made by Sri.P.Joseph John in 1947.By the request made by the government, a detailed investigation is done by the central water and power commission in 1961 and thus the planning commission granted the permission for implementing the scheme,the Government of Canada helped with loans and grants and preliminary works were started in 1963.
In 1975 trial run of the first machine is done.

The Idukki project associated with 3 dams includes Idukki dam,Kulamavu dam,Cheruthoni dam and extend to an area of 33Sq.km.
The Kulamavu dam is constructed (about 23 km west of Idukki arch dam) to prevent the water escape through Kalivally rivulet,the spill way of the Iduki reservoir is in Cheruthoni dam,which is situated about 2km west of Idukki arch dam.

The entry fee is 10 rupees for adult 5 rupees for children and parking is free. The entrance of the dam is at the place cheruthonni,after the parking you can buy the tickets from the office.
The Idukki is well connected to main cities by road.

Nearest railway station

  • Ettumanoor railway station : 90 km
  • kottayam railway station : 100 km
  • Ernakulam junction railway station : 110 km

Nearest airport

  • Cochin international airport : 105 km



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