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Jadayu para-Jatayu Nature Park Tourist guide photos

jadayu para
jadayu para

Jadayu para – Jatayu Nature Park


Jatayu Earth’s Center or Jatayu Nature Park is a park and tourism centre under construction at Chadayamangalam in Kollam district of Kerala. This rock-theme nature park is about 38 km (24 mi) away from Kollam.The Eco-tourism wing of the State Government’s Tourism Development has adopted the sixty acres a top The “Jatayu Rock” for developing the area as a tourist attraction. The development project will in no way mar the natural beauty of the rock and whatever is going to be built will be in harmony with the surroundings.

The facilities would help the visitors to enjoy the caves.There would be a winding foot path leading up to the top stretching to several kilometers. The path will be lit and there will be places for rest,coffee and snacks etc. A few honey-moon cottages are also being planned.Right on top the rock the building of a huge functional sculpture of the Great Bird Jatayu is under way.

It is 60 ft tall, 150 ft broad and 200 ft long. This will have three storeys and would among other attractions, house a museum and mini film theatre.The form of the Bird would be lying on its back with a broken wing, raising its head. The visitors who enter the sculpture can literally have a Bird’s Eye View as the Jatayu’s eyes are planned to be round windows opening to the world.

Jadayu – From the myth

Jatayu is the son of Aruna and nephew of Garuda. A demi-god who has the form of a Vulture, he tries to rescue Sita from Ravana when Ravana abducted Sita and carried her to his country Sri Lanka on the famed aircraft Pushpaka. Jatayu, the Great Bird, attacked him mid air and an intense fight ensued at the end of which Ravana managed to cut off Jatayu’s wings. Jatayu is supposed to have fallen on top of this rock. The wounded bird lay there till Sri Rama visited this rock, looking for his wife. Jatayu told Rama what had happened and where Sita had gone. After giving this vital information to Rama, the bird attained liberation. Local people have established a Rama temple in commemoration of this legend.

For the spiritual tourists from other states of India Jatayu Rock can doubtlessly turn into a great attraction. It would be especially attractive to North Indian Pilgrims who are largely Ram devotees. It is a part of the legend that the rock suffered a cut from Jatayu’s beak as the Great Bird fell. Where the beak eventually pierced the rock turned into a pond. This pond never dries, even in mid summer. There are markings closely believed to be the foot points of Sri Rama. These sights greatly attract spiritual tourists.

Once finished, Jatayu sculpture would be the biggest functional sculpture in the Asian continent. It can be termed as the tallest sculpture as well.

  • How to reach Jatayu Nature park?


Reaching Jatayu nature park by public transport:

Nearest bus stand to Jatayu nature park: Chadayamangalam

Buses to Chadayamangalam can be searched online at Kerala State road transportation corporation site. Local buses also ply from Kollam, Varkala, Punalur, Kottarakkara etc.

Kollam KSRTC Bus Station – 40.4 km

Varkala KSRTC bus station – 30 Km


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