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Kuruva island wayanad – kuruvadweep tourist guide photos

kuruva island kuruvadweep rocks photos
kuruva island kuruvadweep rocks photos

Kuruva island – Kuruvadweep wayanad

Kuruvadweep – Kuruva island is one of the biggest and most beautiful island’s of south india as well as kerala. ‘dweep’ means island in the local language Malayalam and kuruva is the name of a fish. Kuruva island is beautiful island in wayanad which is about 960 acres and the island is situated inside evergreen forest and beautiful kabani river. Kuruvadweep is a protected river delta area which surrounded by pure natural source of water which makes the island even beautiful. rare species of birds , different kinds of flaura , fauna , bamboo arts including bamboo bridge bamboo tent and uncommon tress makes the island favorite to many nature lovers.

Wayanad is one of the best tourist spots in kerala, there are many famous and beautiful tourist spots are situated here ; Chembra peak , Edakkal caves , Meenmutty waterfalls , Soochippara waterfalls , pookode lake , Banasurasagar dam makes wayanad a queen of natural beauty. Kuruva island is the only island in wayanad and it is the biggest tourist spot in wayanad.
There are about 7 best islands in kerala ; Mundro island , Willingdon island ,Dharmadam island ,Kavvayi backwaters , Pathiramanal ,valiya paramba and kuvadweep is the most popular and best tourist spot among them. Mundro island is another beauty of kerala which is located in kollam district in between beautiful ashtamudi lake and kallada river.

Kuruva island is protected river delta by the Kerala tourism department, They provided boats and bamboo rafts to reach to the island. You can see the beautiful art of nature inside the island including big trees beautiful birds and you need to walk about 10-15 minutes to reach to the best view of the island. At the end you will reach to a beautiful place where cold pure natural water flowing on big rocks. This is the best part of the island, you can enjoy the beauty of nature coldness of pure water from the forest and it is a real good place to play in water but be careful while walking on the rocks.

There is about 35km to reach the island from Kalpetta town. Pulppally and mananthavady are the nearest town from the island and you need to travel 10 km from pulppally and 17 km from mananthavadi to reach here. Bus service available near to this place and also you can get private taxi services.

Nearest attractions

These are the nearest tourist spots that you can visit in wayanad, the biggest problem of wayanad is the spots are far away from each other about minimum 30 km or 45 minutes travel.
Fix your next destination after checking this;

  • Meenmutty waterfalls – 39 km
  • Banasura sagar dam – 40.5 km
  • Edakkal caves – 43 km
  • Pookode lake – 48.4 km
  • Chembra peak – 52.7 km
  • Soochippara waterfalls – 58.4 km


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