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Mumbai trip – travel diary

mumbai travel diary photos beach
mumbai travel diary photos beach

They say it is the city of dreams but is it?? One must see things with their naked eyes to believe and I was no different,

it took a decision and a will to witness something spectacular. Yes indeed with no doubt I could conclude that it is the place to be.

one needs to understand why such breaks in their life is a must, our fast paced life has given us nothing but lack of passion and perspective, more than ever we became robots who are fed with commands to function properly.

I was no different but this trip changed my perspective, I must say that the level of comfort and the ethnic beauty which I observed was astounding.

Day1: the marine drive:

Bollywood has been blessed with this beautiful place..

No matter what mood you are in its just a matter of time to sit near the marine and witness the magical sunset, life seems so easy when you are at peace, peace is thy concept of marine.my friend

and I has this crazy thing of going there every day because each day brings out some new and vibrant, you can witness all sorts of emotions here and could a take split second of pause of life and witness things in slow motion.

Day 2: gateway of India & chatrapati shivaji terminus

Architectural beauty is something that makes you connected to a place, and when you stand in front of the mighty gateway of India the first word that pops in your head is ‘damn!’.One does understand the true value of preservation of a landmark from this place, you could just stare at It and keep looking at it because each side would have something exemplary.

Is there anything to say about “chatrapati shivaji terminus” well this is one place which I would want you to go there and explore, because I don’t wanna give the spoilers for all the places, as an awestruck guy who only had his mouth wide opened after watching this piece of beauty has only one thing to say to you and it is “DEFINITELY VISIT THIS PLACE”.

Day 3: time to eat

If you are in Mumbai and you haven’t had a vada pav then probably you are missing out on the best part of your trip, no matter what we do food is one thing which stays constant in our life “aamchi Mumbai vada pav” is the best starter, go for any cuisine that is available, you’ll definitely be pleased with it.(please do try and visit khaogali for exquisite street food )

Day 4:time for the city feel

Well until and unless you have had the comforts of a city apart from the pollution your day is not done, the city that Mumbai has to offer is itself a treat to explore, you could be seeing some of the modern architectural wonders mixed with a vintage spark. Just start exploring that ought to make your day.


Day 5: time to retreat

Though I am not even done seeing 25% of Mumbai but surely 5 days of my life have been spectacular,I have kept some places for the next time as I am gonna go there again and continue

exploring the rest of the places.

Check out the photos :


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