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Soochippara waterfalls – wayanad tourist spot photos wallpapers

Soochippara waterfalls wayanad photos
Soochippara waterfalls wayanad photos

Soochippara waterfalls

Kerala is one of the best tourist spot in south india where we can travel , explore for the beauty of nature. It is one of the famous tourist destination of south india.
We have beautiful beaches , backwaters , Hillstation , waterfalls , wild life , museum, palaces , forest ,zoo and a lot of things to explore. Waterfalls are the one of the main attractions of Kerala soochippara waterfalls is one of the famous among them.

Wayanad is one of the top order tourist place of kerala which has famous tourist spots including waterfalls , forest area , dams and a lot such as ; chembra peak , banasura sagar dam , Kuruva island , pookode lake , muthanga wildlife sanctuary , edakkal cave , tirunelli temple , soochipara waterfalls. These are the famous spots in wayanad.

There are about 25 famous waterfalls in kerala and four of them situated in wayanad, such as;

  • Meenmutty waterfalls
  • Soochippara waterfalls
  • Kanthanpara waterfalls
  • Chethalayam waterfalls

Soochippara waterfalls also known as sentinel rock waterfalls but famous with the name as soochippara which means soochi – needle , para – rock, situated inside dense beautiful forest it is the single layer of water coming from about 656 feet height, It is a heavenly feeling while standing under the waterfalls. you can feel the real cold and freshness of pure water that coming from the forest.
‘Vellarimala’ is the exact place of this waterfall which is about 13.5km from meppadi and you can reach there in 30 minutes and you can’t take so much speed in this road.
Iruvizhanji river is flowing near to this place and the beauty of this place is just amazing.

meppadi tea estates photos
meppadi tea estates photos

Meppadi is the main stop before reaching to vellarimala, which is a damn beautiful place with acres and acres of tea estates and it is one of the beautiful place in wayanad.
By road is the one and only transportation to this place, after 30 minutes driving from Meppadi you will reach to the entrance of the waterfalls with security guard. you can book your tickets from there and there’s a pathway between forest to reach the waterfalls, you should walk about 15 minutes to reach the destination.

Without any doubts we can say that it is one of the best waterfall in wayanad situated in the evergreen forest, the creation of nature is just amazing in this place.
We suggest you this place if you are a big lover of waterfalls , forest and nature.
There is a lot of distance from one tourist spot to another one in wayanad (Check it out )

  • Edakkal caves to Soochippara – 40km
  • Chembra peak to Soochippara – 20km
  • Banasurasagar Dam to Soochippara – 50km
  • Pookode lake to Soochippara – 30km
  • Tirunelli temple to Soochippara – 77km

these are the pictures and wallpapers of Soochippara , Check it out ;



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